Book Review: I Hate Everyone But You

Okay, here it is, I’m doing it. I’m putting the nerd back in Makeup Nerdery and adding some book lovin’ to this place. I feel like society often tells us that books/brains and beauty don’t go together and I’m just another woman here to tell you that’s a crock of shit. You can be smart and still rock a badass red lip or fierce wing or whatever else you’re into. (You can also not wear makeup at all, but that is definitely not me.)

So, book reviews. For all my years of endless internet rambling, this is a new one for me. Last summer a friend recommended a book to me which I will write about at a later date, but it was already on my list and she told me to read it and I absolutely fell back in love with fiction and reading in general after we had taken a lot of time apart during/after the Hell on Earth that was grad school. Anyway, I read a lot now. Well, not like Elissa level of a lot, but a lot for me.

For 2019 I set two goals:

  1. Read 20 books (with a bonus of getting to 25 if possible)
  2. Read only women (I can get into this more if anybody wants to talk about it, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about right now).

As with everything else I throw myself into, I now cannot shut up about my books. Right now I want to talk about I Hate Everyone But You, the first little fiction from Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin, whose names you might recognize from their former jobs being awesome Jewesses on BuzzFeed. They now also do a podcast together called Just Between Us, but I have the aural attention span of a toddler so I haven’t listened to it yet. (Look, I’m trying really hard to get into podcasts okay, I even listened to an entire episode of Sammi Jefcoate’s As You Are today, but it’s a slow process.) I digress. I say little fiction because it was a short and easy read, but by no means is the story little. I chose it thinking it would be a quick and funny fluff story that I could plow through in a few days as a much needed break for my brain as I make my way through a pretty intense WWII-historical-fiction-badass-lady-spy series (Maggie Hope Mysteries by Susan Elia MacNeal, highly recommend; I am starting book four tonight after I finish writing this and take a shower and do all my skincare – yes I will eventually do an updated skincare routine Tara thank you for asking).

So I went into this thinking it would be short and sweet and it was more like short, very funny, but also an emotional roller coaster that nearly made me cry and also made me feel very seen by both main characters. I want everyone to read this. My mom would probably hate it, but I think she’d gain some new understanding about my sister and me and our friends too.

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Summer Favorites

Aaaaand we’re back! Life did some weird things earlier this year and at the time, I felt like I couldn’t give this space the attention that it needed. Things have dramatically improved since then and I figured since I don’t hate my life or my job anymore, it’s probably about time to reclaim my hobbies. Summer favorites felt like a great place to start! I’ve got eight hits and one shit, and also I should mention that I recently stopped wearing foundation, but I’ll talk about that more in a future post. If you want to see some makeup on my face in the meantime, I’m doing a 30-day lipstick challenge on my Instagram @bekaneggs.

Wearing all my summer faves ❤

Becca First Light Priming Filter ($38.00 / 1oz , Sephora/Ulta) – I got a sample of this as a 100 point perk, chosen because of Jkissa’s love for it, and I totally get what she’s so obsessed with. This primer is absolutely beautiful, it gives a nice glow to the skin without looking greasy or wet, and absorbs quickly while still providing a slightly tacky base to apply makeup over. As I mentioned, I’ve stopped wearing foundation, and this has been a perfect replacement. It adds a little something special to the skin and a nice long-wearing surface to apply bronzer, blush, and highlight without emphasizing texture or dryness.

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Ohai, welcome back.

Life is funny sometimes. Just when you’re ready to give up and put all your eggs in another basket, opportunity sneaks up and smacks you across the face. A lot has changed over the last few months, and I’m pleased to say it’s almost all good things, including the chance to return to writing Makeup Nerdery. Hi blog, I’ve missed you dearly. Makeup nerds, plz standby for new content coming soon.

A Bittersweet Announcement

With mixed feelings, it’s time to let you know that I will no longer be writing new content for Makeup Nerdery. I have enjoyed writing this blog so much and so deeply love this topic and this community, but unfortunately I am no longer able to maintain both of my passions simultaneously. I am not planning to delete the blog and the domain will remain active for another year, but I will be stepping back from my beauty blogging to focus my efforts on Beka ‘N Eggs full time. Makeup and beauty are a serious love of mine, but food, fitness, and chronic illness is where my passion lies. While I will likely still post some makeup content on instagram (it is still a major part of my life), I hope you will consider joining me in my other endeavors. Thank you for all your support over the last few years, it has been so much fun.

31-Day Lipstick Challenge

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to try new things – even if it’s actually an old thing. I decided to start off this year with a lipstick challenge – 31 days of lipstick with no repeats, forcing me to “shop my stash” and evaluate what I already own. When you wear makeup pretty much every day, especially if you’re wearing it in a professional environment with… more conservative views on makeup than you’d prefer, it’s pretty easy to get stuck in a rut with the same quick and easy looks. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I love lipstick and I own a lot of them so I wanted to challenge myself to play with my existing collection a bit more.

I don’t actually wear makeup every single day, especially if I’m not at work or going out, so it took me a little bit longer than the original January plan of 31 consecutive days, but I did it and I’m so pleased with this little project.

Unfortunately, I am a bad blogger and didn’t take a photo of myself every single day, but I did keep a list of everything I wore. Here’s my 31 days of lipstick, with product photos for any day that I didn’t actually snap a picture of my face.

The first number is the lipstick and the second number is the date of the month. The first product listed is lip liner and the second item is the lipstick. If only one item is listed, I didn’t wear lip liner that day. I did allow myself to repeat lip liner usage, mostly because I don’t own that many and don’t think it’s necessary.

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