Product Highlight: Liquid Lipsticks


Liquid lipsticks are on the up and up these days and just about every major cosmetic company has a line of their own. They’re my newest obsession and I just can’t get enough of these long-lasting matte formulas. I have a handful of different products from drugstore and mid-high end brands, 14 lipsticks in all from five different lines, to swatch and review and see which comes out on top (spoiler: I kind of already know which one is my favorite).


Okay, so what is a liquid lipstick? Usually these lipsticks come in tubes with a doe foot applicator (like lipgloss) or squeeze tip. While some people have no preference between liquid lipstick and the traditional tube, I personally always have trouble with traditional lipstick fading and in general not being very foodie-friendly. I love that liquid lipsticks can often last all day and through multiple meals, and that they [usually] dry matte so there is no sticky gloss for your hair to get stuck to!


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ($6.00) – The most affordable of the bunch, you can find these guys just about anywhere makeup is sold (except for Sephora). The formula is nice and creamy – more like a mousse than a liquid – and goes on smooth with a doe foot applicator. I’d say it’s probably the second-to-least drying (beat out only by the Too Faced Melted line), but isn’t likely to last all day – especially if food is involved. For best results, I recommend lining and filling in lips with a liner and then blotting the lip cream between coats (I usually do two). There are 22 available shades, but many look quite similar so swing by a brick-and-mortar location and swatch them if you can before buying them all.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick ($20.00, Macy’s) – I was originally unimpressed with this Macy’s exclusive when it first arrived in the mail, but I gave it another shot on well-hydrated lips and it was stunning. Between Kat Von D, Stila, and ABH, this formula is the least drying and has a slightly shorter lip lifespan, but it dries to a great matte finish and looked fantastic all day (until I ate). This is really a perfect nude, for me at least, as it’s slightly more cool-toned and pink rather than brown. I will definitely have to get my hands on a few more shades to see if they can all stand up to Pure Hollywood.

Kat Von D ‘Everlasting Love’ Liquid Lipstick ($20.00, Sephora) – By far the most drying formula of all the liquid lipsticks I own, this stuff is also the most matte and one of the most long-wearing. Another very-liquid formula with a doe foot applicator, it will take some effort to apply and I highly recommend a gentle blot to remove any excess product as well as a q-tip to clean up the edges. My biggest issue with the KVD lipstick is really just the description of Lolita compared to the reality – it is incredibly brown, and while it is a lovely brown, it’s not the dusty rose I was hoping for.

Stila ‘Stay All Day’ Liquid Lipstick ($22.00) – The newest additions to my collection, these Stay All Day liquid lipsticks do just that and manage it in a formula less drying than the KVD. The product is very liquid so application takes some time and I highly recommend a gentle blot after applying to remove any excess product and a q-tip to clean up the edges. Patina is a stunning true dusty rose that works well for my cool-toned skin and Carina is a rare cool-toned bright coral that I can’t wait to wear all summer long. So far, these are the favorite in my collection with a long-lasting super matte formula that isn’t as drying as some other options.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick ($21.00) – The only glossy finish formula in the bunch, the TF Melted lipsticks are also the least drying. The texture is super smooth, but your lips will need some quality care for these to lie flat ’cause this formula loves to stick to dry patches. The squeeze tube and “precision applicator” have a bit of a learning curve as it’s easy to push out way too much – you really only need a tiny bit – but they go on great once you get the hang of it. I only have one full-size Melted lipstick and I think it will probably last me the rest of my life, so if you can still find the half-size holiday 4-pack set (appropriately named Melted Kisses), I highly recommend scooping one up. The set comes with half-size tubes (trust me, it’s a lot of product) of their four key shades – Melted Nude, Melted Peony, Melted Fuschia, and Melted Berry.

liquid lipsticks

Nudes + Pinks
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Pure Hollywood (pale pink-nude).
NYX – London (mid-tone beige).
Too Faced – Melted Nude (neutral nude).
Kat Von D – Lolita (dusty rose).
Stila – Patina (dusty rose).
Too Faced – Melted Peony (dusty rose).

no flash, natural light (outdoors)

Too Faced – Melted Coral (creamy coral).
Stila – Carina (vibrant coral).

no flash, natural light (outdoors)

Berries + Reds
Too Faced – Melted Fuchsia (hot pink).
NYX – Addis Ababa (bright fuschia).
NYX – Prague (matte merlot).
Too Faced – Melted Berry (berry red).
NYX – Copenhagen (matte rich plum).
Kat Von D – Berlin (warm rose).

no flash, natural light (outdoors)

On my liquid lipstick wishlist? Can’t wait to get my hands on some of those gorgeous new shades from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and I’m dying to find a worthy dupe for a certain brand’s Cashmere velveteen.

For more information about my current obsession, you can check out this stunning spreadsheet of matte liquid lipsticks created by a fellow Redditor.

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