Summer Shitlist

So I went into this expecting to come up with my top 10, or rather bottom 10 beauty products of the summer, but rather than fueling the drama and sensationalism of being angry about stuff, I decided to just stick with eight. These are the products that really stood out in my mind as not good or not enjoyable and I didn’t want to start throwing in random products that are “just okay” for the sake of having 10. Sorry to anyone that has a thing for multiples of five like I do, that itch will not be scratched here. Top 15 Summer Hitlist to follow!

  1. MAC Burgundy x 9 eyeshadow palette – Oh what a bummer. I was so very excited to discover this palette packed with gorgeous matching shadows, several of which had been on my wishlist for ages. Most complaints about this palette were for the size, which I had absolutely no problem with. The pans are half size making it super portable and actually possible to pan some of the shades in a reasonable amount of time. The price point is okay too – $40 for nine half size pans (the 0.04 oz Pro Pan Refills are $10 each) so technically you get one shade and the palette for free. All great. The colors are lovely too – Sketch and Star Violet are gorgeous…except for when you try to put them on your skin. I have no idea if I just scored a dud palette or if I have been spoiled by stunning shadows from other brands, but man these are packing zero payoff in the pigment department. I tried using it a few times and even the swatches on my inner arm were disappointing. This palette is getting returned tomorrow.
  2. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara – Let me just start by saying this mascara is decidedly NOT better than sex. It is an incredibly dry formula, which sex definitely should not be. Nobut seriously, I really do not like this mascara. I suppose if you are into very very dry formulas, you might completely love it, but I found it so dry that I actually took it back to Sephora because I thought something was wrong with it. I really don’t understand how mascaras like this work, it took so much effort for mediocre lashes which is just not okay with me.  Pass.Photo Aug 16, 4 32 07 PM
  3. NYX Setting Sprays – Blah. That’s what I have to say about these. I was so excited when I realized that NYX had both matte and dewy finish setting spray and promptly purchased both. What a disappointment! Neither one feels pleasant on the skin, and it doesn’t seem like they absorb at all. My face felt weird and greasy all day – and not like “oily skin” greasy, but like “what is this crap on my face” greasy – and honestly I don’t think it looked so hot either. The dewy one made me look like I was sweating from fever and the matte one didn’t mattify or really do anything else for that matter. I returned them both and bought MAC Fix+ instead.
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick – This one makes me so sad. I had such high hopes as a big fan of all the otherABH products I have tried. These lipsticks apply fine and they are not particularlymore or less drying than any other. The issue comes from the fading process. This formula is crumbly AF! It is just a damn mess of crumbly little pieces shedding all over your mouth and is practically impossible to reapply without first having to wipe off whatever is left on your mouth. It doesn’t fade faster than other formulas, it just does so terribly. I have two shades andwill not be purchasing anymore.

    Photo Aug 16, 4 33 07 PM
    ABH liquid lipsticks in Bambi (pink) and Pure Hollywood (nude)
  5. Beauty Blender Micro Mini – Meh. That’s really all I have to say for this guy. It’s not the worst thing ever, the beauty blender sponge isn’t famous for nothing after all. Unfortunately, at 1/4 the size of the original BB, this thing is just so tiny it renders itself useless. Even using it damp (which you are meant to do with sponges like this), it’s barely functional enough to blend in my under-eye concealer, never mind a larger area. My fingers aren’t particularly big so I imagine anyone with larger hands or thicker fingers than mine would find this little guy absolutely worthless. Pass.
  6. Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen with Olive Polyphenols, SPF40 – A big flop for me, especially since two otherSupergoop products made it into my “summerhits” list! I really love the idea of this sunscreen, Ihave been loving facial oils lately and theSPF40 is a major plus for me – sour cream is Beka colored. Unfortunately this stuff just feels really gross on my face. It doesn’t seem to really absorb at all and is just really uncomfortable to wear. I suppose as astand alone product, I might give this a chance for a day at the beach or something, but it’s a definite dud for using with any makeup which makes it pretty useless for me.Photo Aug 16, 4 35 03 PM
  7. ColourPop cream finish lippie stix – Wow, the masses were not kidding. Where ColourPop got theirmattes totally on point, their cream finish lippie stix are just terrible! Equally slippery and patchy, this stuff fades quick from the areas it does stick to and is not very comfortable to wear either. Unfortunately the color payoff here is just as blah, making it an all around fail. Glad I only got one of these.

    ColourPop cream finish lippie stix in Fern
    ColourPop cream finish lippie stix in Fern
  8. Urban Decay Naked3 eyeshadow palette – What a sad sad experience. I spent at least six months fawning over this palette before I finally convinced myself to dish out the $54 dollars for 12 coordinating rose gold pinky shades. Guys, Urban Decay wasn’t kidding…these shades aren’t similar/coordinating, they are damn near identical. I don’t know what black magic people used in their swatches, but these shades are practically indecipherable from one another, particularly with the absolute crap pigmentation. The fallout was excessive for shadows that hardly showed up on my NW20 skin and any look attempted just ended up a monotonous muddy mess. I returned this palette within three weeks and purchased the Tarte all-matte Tartelette palette instead. Realizing now that I have given away or returned every Urban Decay eyeshadow palette I’ve tried, (not to mention that they are owned by shady makeup monopoly L’Oreal), I highly recommend anyone considering the Naked3 to do the same.

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