Trending Products Worth the Hype

With the semi-annual Sephora sale coming up later this week (details below), I thought now might be a good time to share some of the super-hyped products on the market that I think are absolutely worth the attention they’ve garnered.

Historically, the semi-annual Sephora sales have taken place in April and November. So far, that seems to be true of this year too as the spring Love Note sale starts tomorrow! The following sale information is copied from Temptalia:

VIB Rouge: 7-13 April — 15% off with code ROUGENOTE
VIB: 8-13 April — 15% off with code VIBNOTE
BI: 9-12 April — 10% off with code BINOTE

If you’re shopping online, don’t forget to use Ebates for even more cash back.

Now on to the good stuff! Trending products worth the hype.

CaptureSunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105.00/1oz) – My current skincare obsession, this stuff is absolutely everywhere on YouTube lately (especially if you watch any gorgeous ladies in the UK). A retinol compound suspended in oil, Luna is a nighttime facial treatment designed to exfoliate, repair damage and redness, and leaves my skin feeling soft and full. Since I already have dry skin and retinol can be a bit drying if you’re new to the product, I like to mix the Luna oil with a few drops of my regular facial oil before applying. Using once/week, I expect the full size bottle will last me about a year.

I just want to note that it doesn’t have the highest rating on Paula’s Choice, from a scientific standpoint, primarily due to added fragrance. I’m generally not a fan of this, but in the case of Sunday Riley’s Luna it doesn’t seem to irritate my skin at all (which has become increasingly rare as I get older). Still, please patch test before applying to your face.

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer ($37/1.0oz) – I’ll be honest, I’ve only tried one of these so far, but when the Step 1 line of primers first launched, it was all anyone could talk about for what seemed like months. I’ve got the hydrating version, but there are nine others, and they are still flying off the shelves. Before trying this, I wasn’t sure anything could beat the Too Faced Hangover Rx primer, but MUFE is miles ahead. The texture of the formula is somewhere between a serum and a lotion which my dehydrated skin loves, plus it sets quickly and leaves a solid base to help prolong the wear of my makeup. With some added silicones, my skin feels perfectly smooth for makeup application, and there’s definitely a bit of pore-blurring as well.


Beauty Blender The Original Beauty Blender ($20.00) – I feel like this might be a controversial choice, it is after all a $20 sponge, but you can’t say it’s not a hyped product! Seriously though, I absolutely love this thing and I’m not really sure how I ever did my makeup without it. I completely soak it under running water, then squeeze out the excess so the sponge has drastically expanded, but is damp rather than dripping wet. It’s now the perfect tool for applying and blending foundation, concealer, and pretty much any other cream or liquid product. It’s also great for applying setting powder under the eyes as the damp sponge will help keep it from looking too dry. The RealTechniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is similar, but a bit more dense and I find it doesn’t  have quite the same effect on my skin. Still, if you want to test out a makeup sponge before jumping head first into the deep end, the RT sponge is a good place to start.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick ($18.00/0.19oz) – This is only one of two items on the list that you can’t get at Sephora, but I just had to include them. Between the shape of the applicator, the growing selection of less conventional shades, and the mousse-like formula that dries to a perfect matte, the long-wearing Velour liquid lipsticks are possibly my favorite of all time. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (bekadelphia), you’ll see me in the shade Doll Parts on a regular basis. (Swatches of the eight shades I own can also be found on Instagram).

Benefit They’re Real mascara ($12.00/0.14oz) – A definite “love it or hate it” product, it felt like people lost their minds on both ends of the spectrum when this launched several summers ago. I love to try new mascaras, it’s one of my favorite makeup products overall, but for the last two years, I have consistently gone back to They’re Real over any other mascara I’ve tried. It’s lengthening, volumizing, separating, and ultra black which makes for gorgeous lashes that are hard to ignore. I’ve had people ask me if they’re real on more than one occasion! Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara is a close second in my book.


ByAlegory Acrylic Organizers ($14.89-$29.99) – A lifesaver in makeup organization, acrylic organizers help keep my limited workspace neat, color coded, and looking a bit more put-together. At first, I was hesitant to order these online without being able to confirm the quality, but the plastic is thick and sturdy, providing for reliable storage and a very cool aesthetic. I now own several of these, my favorites being the 24-slot lipstick organizer (perfect for all my liquid lipsticks) and the 8-slot compact organizer, which keeps my highlighters, blushes, and single shadows in order. I went with the the clear option for the seven* organizers currently in my makeup space, but each organizer comes in several shades so you can mix and match or keep it uniform per your preference.

* For larger organizers, I own two from US Acrylic, also available on Amazon.

Ciaté Mini Paint Pot Nail Polish ($9.00/0.17oz) – Are you guys sick of hearing about these yet? Painting my own nails is a pretty new thing for me, and it took me ages just to kinda get the hang of it. Enter: Ciaté. These mini paint pots come in an array of excellent shades with a great, opaque formula, and the most perfect polish brush I’ve ever laid eyes (and nails) on. It’s a just-right tapered tip making it super easy to coat the entire nail without flooding the cuticle area. The mini size just means the price is right and you’ll actually have a shot at finishing these beautiful colors before they start to separate or go bad (1-2 years for nail polish).

Pillow Talk / Pool Party / Cupcake Queen / Ibiza Blues / Moondust / Ultra Violet

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed ($38.00/0.28oz) – I really hate that this is on my list, but man, every time I put Champagne Pop on my face I feel like a radiant alien angel (I go hard with highlight, you don’t have to). These fly off the shelves in every shade, but Champagne Pop – Becca’s collaboration with YouTube star Jaclyn Hill – has been especially popular since it launched last year. Don’t let the pan fool you, this soft golden tone seems to love everybody, it’s stunning on warm-toned Jaclyn, but works wonders on my cool-toned complexion too.

Champagne Pop

2 thoughts on “Trending Products Worth the Hype

  1. You’re so right about They’re Real- very polarizing! I’m camp Anti-They”re Real, myself, but I do like Lights, Camera, Lashes pretty well. Personally, nothing beats Benefit’s Better Than Sex mascara- and I saw they just came out with a waterproof, which I think has been highly anticipated.


    1. It’s so funny to hear everyone’s personal preferences, I absolutely hated the TF Better Than Sex mascara! I thought it was so dry and clumpy, and it flaked all over my face, but it’s super popular and tons of people love it. I love that there are no wrong answers, just everyone likes something a little different. If only we could apply that kind of understanding to the rest of life.


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