Favorite Fragrances: Autumn/Winter

Thank you to everyone who stuck around while I finished grad school. I am so thrilled to finally be done and ready to get back to it, so let’s get to it! I kept this one nice and short to ease both of us back into routine, but you can expect new posts every Wednesday.

I’ve never really written about perfume at length before, but recently I have found myself reaching for the smelly stuff more and more. I’ve got a few new fragrances that are perfect for the cooler weather so if you’re on the hunt for something new, check out some of my current favorites:

ELIZABETH & JAMES Nirvana Bourbon Eau de Parfum


Definitely the sexiest, most “mature” fragrance ever to grace my collection, E+J’s newest release is a heavenly mix of vanilla, bourbon, and smokey oakwood that strikes the perfect balance between sultry and sweet. It’s got a hint of the lightly floral, but very contentious tuberose that really rounds it out without getting too grandma. This one’s a great choice for an evening out on the town and/or a hot date.

JO MALONE Sea Salt & Wood Sage Cologne


Guys, I can’t even. My first luxury perfume purchase and I couldn’t be happier with this cool, beachy scent. It smells like a windy morning on the water: sea salt and driftwood, with an almost palpable minerality and a hint of bergamot that I absolutely love. It does not seem to last very long on my skin, but for me that just means I can’t go overboard (pun intended). A perfect choice for beginners, the iconic bottle makes for an excellent gift too.

ATELIER COLOGNE Cedrat Envirant Cologne Absolue


A seemingly unlikely choice for the colder months, this bergamot and lime release from Atelier is actually one of my favorite summer fragrances. That hint of citrus is backed by juniper and vetiver though which makes it a great option year-round to bring a bright but sophisticated freshness – not unlike the French75 cocktail that inspired the scent.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. No products were sent to me and no brands asked me to include their products in this post. All products were purchased by me. I receive a one-time referral  bonus when you sign up to earn cash back through Ebates using my link.

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