The Boyfriend Gift Guide: Part I

It’s finally that time of year when the holidays have gone from creeping into everyone’s minds to being shoved right in our faces which for me just means that my holiday shopping is already done. I’m definitely the kind of person who does all their shopping from the couch between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and then doesn’t think about it again until it’s time to wrap everything up. This year Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve and goes through New Year’s Day, so naturally our tree is up, the menorah is out, and I’m all ready for a weeklong celebration of my three favorite holidays.

Now that I’m done with my humble brag, I know that far too many of my friends wait until they’re nearly out of time to do their holiday gift shopping and then run around the mall covered in stress sweat trying to find the perfect last-minute gifts that don’t look last-minute. No more! This year I’ve put together a gift guide for the men in our lives – romantic, familial, or platonic, there’s something here for everyone at every price range.

Disclaimer: There is probably not something here for everyone. I am a beauty blogger after all.


Harry’s Razors – A super affordable, high quality shaving kit is a great gift for just about anybody capable of growing facial hair. The $15 Truman set from Harry’s comes with a razor + cover, three razor cartridges, and a bottle of their sulfate- and gluten-free shave gel or shave cream. The Boyfriend and I each have our own sets so this is a totally legitimate gift for the ladies on your list too. Refill cartridges are extra affordable and the brand now offers a subscription service on their website. Also available in the slightly upgraded Winston set for $30. Find at or Target.

Harry’s Truman Set

Safety Razor – For the guy who takes his scruff more seriously, consider a safety razor like this one ($20.00) from Merkur (or a nice set of accessories to go with it if he already has the razor). Safety razors lend themselves to the old school barbershop style of shaving so for accessories consider something like the Shave Kit ($60.00) from Imperial that includes a soap puck with canister, brush, pre-shave oil, and aftershave. For a more affordable option, the Imperial Shave Bundle ($36.00) only includes the soap, pre-shave oil, and aftershave.

Imperial Shave Bundle

Jack Black – One of my go-to brands for men’s body and skincare products, Jack Black always makes me think of Tenacious D, and offers a great lineup of products for just about every need. Their Turbo Body Bar ($15.00) is sulfate-free and packed with skin soothing and exfoliating ingredients and their flavored SPF lip balms ($7.50) are an absolute pleasure to use (I’m quite partial to the Blackberry & Black Tea). Pick and choose over at Birchbox or Sephora or scoop up a prepackaged gift set ($49.00) to fit any budget for the dudes in your life.

Beard Oil Set – One of the sillier gifts I picked up this year, a beard oil advent calendar is a great option for a hairy guy who loves his products and/or has a great sense of humor. This set comes with 24 2ml oils in various scents so he’s bound to love at least a few and it’ll be a nice experience to go through together as you open your nail polish advent calendar alongside. If you’ve missed the cut off for an Advent adventure, or it’s just not your style (or your holiday), opt for something like the Beardbrand Minimalist’s Kit ($40.00) 

Sonic Cleansing Device – For the man who has almost everything and loves his products (or his tech), consider a dip into sonic cleansing. The Foreo Luna 2 ($199.00) is a handheld, sonic cleansing device that’s great for a deep clean, claims to have anti-aging properties, and helps prep the skin for a smooth shave. Ladies, these are great for us too – I’ve got the Luna Mini 2 ($139.00) and it makes my skin feel so smooth and clean without any dryness or tightness. Both models are available in a range of colors from brights to black to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Foreo Luna Mini 2


Amazon Echo/Echo Dot – If you live with the man you’re shopping for, this is really a gift for you too, but either way it’s a great option for anyone who loves the idea of Smart House. The Amazon Echo ($179.99) and 2nd generation Amazon Echo Dot ($49.99), both available in black or white, are a wonderful electronic addition to any home. The stand-alone device can tell you the weather, the news, play music from Spotify or Amazon, let you know how late Costco is open, add items to your shopping list, and even control your lights and thermostat (that requires some work on your part, but it is doable!) We’ve got a few of these throughout the house now and they’re an excellent gift for the $50 people or the $200 people on your list.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen)

Olympus Pen E-PL8 ($649.00) – The newest model of Olympus’s retro styled mirrorless digital camera, these pretty things are way lighter than the standard DSLR and are also WiFi equipped to get your photos from camera to computer with minimal effort. If there’s a shutterbug in your life, this could be a great option. If you’re in the US, the new model is also available in white (the E-PL7 is not available in white in America). Please note, I wouldn’t recommend buying this for the camera nerd in your life if photography is something they do for a living (or at least ask them about the camera first). This is a great camera for amateurs, bloggers/vloggers, and hobbyists, but most pros have their own preferences.

Digital Reader – The Kindle seems to get overlooked a lot anymore, but The Boyfriend and I each got one earlier this year and it is just wonderful. If there’s a guy in your life who travels a lot, has a long commute to work, or just inhales books, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ($119.99), available in black or white, is definitely the way to go. The battery lasts ages, the gentle backlight means you can read in the dark without straining your eyes, and it holds infinitely more books than fit on a nightstand.

GoPro Camera – For the traveler, athlete, or outdoorsman in your life, consider the new GoPro Hero5 ($399.00) or the smaller, lighter Hero5 Session ($299.00). This tiny camera shoots photo and video in 4k and has a number of mounts and attachments to work with whatever adventure they’ve got in mind (think motorcycle helmet mounts, underwater cases for snorkeling, etc).

GoPro Hero5 Session

3D Printer – I had to include this on the list per The Boyfriend’s request, because he just got himself one and is obsessed. The MonoPrice Maker Select v2 (~$300.00) is sized and priced for home use and lets you design and crank out whatever your mind can dream up – as long as it’s smaller than 8″x8″x7″.

MonoPrice Maker Select vol. 2

Camera Drone – I am including a camera drone because of how cool they are, but I definitely want to stress that this is not in my budget and I don’t expect it to be within most of your budgets either. The new generation drones actually worth your time and attention start at around $1,800 and continue to fly up to about $3,000. Probably not an option for most of us, but if you’re heading to Bora Bora anytime soon, consider picking up one of these majestic flying machines from DJI.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked to write this, nor were any items provided to me free of charge or in exchange for a review. Links to Amazon are affiliate links in which I receive a small percentage of sales at no additional cost to you. I receive a one-time referral  bonus when you sign up to earn cash back through Ebates using my link.

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