The Boyfriend Gift Guide: Part II

Last week I shared with you guys Part I of my very first “The Boyfriend Gift Guide” – gift suggestions for all the men in our lives. Part I focused mostly on grooming/shaving and electronics/tech. Part II covers a broader range of fitness, fashion, and foodie faves! Now get going, there’s only two weeks ’til Chrismukkah!


Ab mat – Maybe an odd choice for the holidays, but these things are surprisingly expensive…because they will completely change your approach to sit-ups from this point forward. I’m mentioning these as a gift since they rarely go on sale, and anybody who is serious about their fitness game will love it. For those that followed me back when I was still actively writing SlowCarbSnacktime (it might be coming back to live shortly), you’ll know that The Boyfriend is also my lifting coach and anything that pushes you to be better that you can do together is a win in my book. You can find the AbMat mat ($29.95) on Amazon, but Rogue Fitness make one too.

Fitness Tracker/Watch – One of the coolest fitness trackers out there (in my opinion), the Garmin Forerunner 235 (on sale for $269.99) is an excellent choice for the runner, crossfitter, powerlifter, or all around fitness junkie in your life. The heart rate monitor is highly rated, it has GPS, tracks the weather, and can send you message notifications from your phone (optional). The Boyfriend loves his and I’ve got a pretty strong hunch there’s a matching one for me under the Chrismukkah tree this year. Available in black/gray, black/marsala, and black/frost with an easy-to-change wristband.


Insulated Sweatshirt – If you live in a climate where winter is actually cold and/or wet and neither of those things stops you from participating in outdoor activities, consider an insulated piece from PNW-based Columbia like the Waldo Lake Full-Zip Hoodie (on sale for $39.99). With HQ nearby, I’ve got several of their sweatshirts and coats that stand the test of time and the Pacific NW weather. If the guy in your life is a little extra, check out the new Star Wars: Rogue One inspired jackets from Columbia and make some dreams come true.



Wooden Watch – I’ve had my eye on WeWood for a few years now and they’re consistently cranking out the coolest all-wood watches I’ve ever seen. The Boyfriend and I each have one, they make a great statement piece for any outfit and are comfortable to wear all day.  If he’s got family in another time zone, I’m a big fan of the double-faced Jupiter ($135.00). Sustainable, designed in Italy, and pretty reasonably priced (ranging $100-$220), there’s something here for any guy’s style.


Socks – The coolest looking athletic-style socks out there, Bombas backs a great cause and pumps out super comfortable socks for just about anyone on your gift list. I get a pair of the Men’s Originals ($12.00) for The Boyfriend every year now and he wears them to death. Available in short or long styles.


Cashmere scarf – If you live anywhere that a scarf may be necessary this time of year, it’ll make a great gift regardless. If you want to gift a scarf he’ll actually wear, consider something like this cozy and cool plaid number ($14.99) in Scottish cashmere from Etsy shop LangleysCreations. Whether these really are authentic cashmere, I have no idea, but they’re unbelievably soft and warm with a very reasonable price point.


Pasta machine – Not for the n00bz, if there’s a man in your life who loves to create in the kitchen, it’s hard to go wrong with a pasta machine. This one from Marcato (~$67.00) is solid metal and cranks out super smooth sheets to make all kinds of pasta – even ravioli (my favorite). If he’s already got the machine, consider an accessory-style gift like Marc Vetri’s book on both hand- and machine-made pastas or a ravioli press to expedite the production process.


Cookbook – Not quite ready for handmade pasta? Anthony Bourdain‘s Appetites ($22.50), his first cookbook in over a decade, covers all the bases and is packed with accessible recipes for any skill level.


Cast Iron skillet – A great gift for any food fiend, cast iron (~$16.00) is an absolute kitchen essential which makes it the perfect choice for just about any age: showing an interest in cooking or moving out for the first time? Cast iron. Just bought a house or got engaged? Cast iron. Unless you know they’ve got a 100-year old magic skillet from their great grandmother, cast iron is the way to go.


Animal Fat – For the more adventurous in your life (or the Paleo/slow carb/whole30 eaters), this bundled set ($22.62) of grass-fed beef tallow and duck fat from FatWorks is an excellent introduction to cooking with high-quality rendered animal fats. If you need lots of gifts for lots of people, FatWorks also sell all of their products in 1oz Tiny Tallows jars for $3.80 each – I picked up several of these for stocking stuffers!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked to write this, nor were any items provided to me free of charge or in exchange for a review. Links to Amazon are affiliate links in which I receive a small percentage of sales at no additional cost to you. I receive a one-time referral  bonus when you sign up to earn cash back through Ebates using my link.

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