Lipstick Arsenal: Favorite Oranges & Corals

Now that summer is out in full force here in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve had a little time to whip out the ultimate bright lip colors. While the day-glo pinks and purples may seem the obvious choice, I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for the perfect orange lip and I’ve got five to share for the second installment of my Lipstick Arsenal: orange and coral!

Dose of Colors liquid lipstick in Coral Crush – A sleeper in my collection, I forget just how perfect this shade is and then fall in love with it all over again every time I put it on. It’s the perfect level of brightness that I think could match just about any skin tone and not look out of place. You’ve heard me wax poetic about this formula a hundred times before, so I’m just going to leave it there and say it checks all my boxes.

Tarte Tarteist creamy matte lip paint in Cray Cray – A stunner for any season, I absolutely love this creamy matte near-neon from Tarte. It’s the perfect shade of bright orange that suits my skin tone so well, and the formula for these is just outstanding (it more than makes up for the terrible name, I promise)! It has a very mousse-like texture at application which makes it so comfortable to wear, but it does eventually set and lasts practically forever – I’m serious, this survived Thanksgiving dinner! I did not realize until the time of writing this post that this shade has been discontinued. This formula really is excellent and is still available in 14 shades.


Lime Crime Velvetines liquid lipstick in True Love – Another fave that likes to hide, I always reach for Pink Velvet over True Love, but I get so many compliments every time I put this on. It is the perfect balance of light coral with the tiniest hint of pink which makes it a great option for cooler skintones that don’t often get those milder coral shades.


Lime Crime Velvetines liquid lipstick in Psycho – This is actually a very recent addition to my collection, but it was added to my list almost immediately. As you’ve heard over and over again, I absolutely love the ultra liquid formula from Lime Crime and this has got to be the purest, most in your face orange shade I have ever seen – competition only to Tarte’s Cray Cray (which I mentioned above).

Melt Cosmetics matte lipstick in Bang! Bang! – If you know me “in real life,” you might already know how much I love this shade – there’s a photo of me wearing it on my business cards! I’m honestly not the biggest fan of the ultra matte bullet lipstick formula from Melt, but they got something very right with this one. It’s super creamy and so incredibly bright, definitely one of the nicest oranges I’ve seen in bullet form. If liquid lipsticks just aren’t your thing, this is pretty much the best orange around.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked to write this, nor were any items provided to me free of charge or in exchange for a review. I receive a one-time referral  bonus when you sign up to earn cash back through Ebates using my link. Sephora, Tarte, and Ulta are available for cash-back purchases through Ebates, and Dose of Colors is now available at Ulta! All products listed in this post are cruelty-free.

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