31-Day Lipstick Challenge

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to try new things – even if it’s actually an old thing. I decided to start off this year with a lipstick challenge – 31 days of lipstick with no repeats, forcing me to “shop my stash” and evaluate what I already own. When you wear makeup pretty much every day, especially if you’re wearing it in a professional environment with… more conservative views on makeup than you’d prefer, it’s pretty easy to get stuck in a rut with the same quick and easy looks. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I love lipstick and I own a lot of them so I wanted to challenge myself to play with my existing collection a bit more.

I don’t actually wear makeup every single day, especially if I’m not at work or going out, so it took me a little bit longer than the original January plan of 31 consecutive days, but I did it and I’m so pleased with this little project.

Unfortunately, I am a bad blogger and didn’t take a photo of myself every single day, but I did keep a list of everything I wore. Here’s my 31 days of lipstick, with product photos for any day that I didn’t actually snap a picture of my face.

The first number is the lipstick and the second number is the date of the month. The first product listed is lip liner and the second item is the lipstick. If only one item is listed, I didn’t wear lip liner that day. I did allow myself to repeat lip liner usage, mostly because I don’t own that many and don’t think it’s necessary.

  1. J3. MAC Soar + Bite Beauty Sugarcane

  2. J4. ‎MAC Edge to Edge + Melt Cosmetics Chick Habit

  3. J5. Jouer Cosmetics Blush

  4. J6. ‎Kat Von D A-Go-Go + Dose of Colors Hot Fire

  5. J8. MAC Soar + Sugarpill Trinket

  6. J9. ‎Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk + NARS Save the Queen

  7. J10. ‎Kat Von D Lovecraft + Dose of Colors Stone

  8. J11. ‎Kat Von D Muse + Dose of Colors Rosebud
  9. J12. ‎Kat Von D Lolita + Lime Crime Gigi

  10. J15. Kat Von D Muse + Lime Crime Cashmere

  11. J16. ‎Kat Von D Lovecraft + Jouer Cosmetics Rayanne

  12. J17. ‎Lime Crime Polly

  13. J18. ‎MAC Edge to EdgeMACxSamanthaRavndahl

  14. J19. ‎Kat Von D Muse + Dose of Colors Brûlée

  15. J20. ‎Lime Crime Lavender Honey

  16. J22. MAC Soar + Lime Crime Marshmallow

  17. J23. ‎Lime Crime Turkish Delight

  18. J24. Kat Von D Muse + Dose of Colors Bare With Me

  19. J25. ‎Kat Von D Muse + Black Moon Cosmetics Libra

  20. J26. ‎Lime Crime Milk Tea

  21. J29. MAC Edge to Edge + Melt Sext

  22. J30. ‎Lime Crime Teddy Bear

  23. J31. ‎Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk + Dose of Colors Los Anjealous

  24. F1. Lime Crime True Love

  25. F2. ‎Kat Von D Lovecraft + Jouer Cosmetics Cassis

  26. F5. Lime Crime Cupid

  27. F6. ‎Bite Beauty Lip Lab custom shade
  28. F7. ‎Kat Von D Lovecraft + Melt Cosmetics NoOd

  29. F8. ‎Lime Crime Moonstone

  30. F9. ‎Kat Von D Lovecraft + Hourglass Cosmetics I’ve Kissed

  31. F10. ‎MAC Edge to Edge + Lime Crime Squash

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