Ohai, welcome back.

Life is funny sometimes. Just when you’re ready to give up and put all your eggs in another basket, opportunity sneaks up and smacks you across the face. A lot has changed over the last few months, and I’m pleased to say it’s almost all good things, including the chance to return to writing Makeup Nerdery. Hi blog, I’ve missed you dearly. Makeup nerds, plz standby for new content coming soon.

How I’m Healing My Scar

I’ve gotten a lot of questions …and comments …and unsolicited advice about the scar on my nose so I thought I’d address all of those things once and for all right here. (My apologies if some of the photos aren’t super clear, they were not taken with this post in mind.)

Here’s how it happened (I’ll add a divider if you just want to skip ahead to the actual taking care of my scar part).

This past fall (2016), The Boyfriend and I temporarily took care of my family’s dog. This is Caesar. He’s 11, and we call him CheeseDoodle. It’s a long story.

Due to probable puppy mill inbreeding and unfortunate circumstance, Caesar is a purebred dog and has had a bit of a rough life in terms of medical catastrophes. This is pretty common with purebreds, and is another great reason to adopt instead of shop, but I didn’t have that lecture prepared when my parents surprised us with a four pound puppy in 2006.

It’s 2006 and Caesar weighs 4.2 pounds. Let’s not talk about my hair please.

Among Caesar’s many medical adventures, and common with many floppy-eared dog breeds, my buddy is prone to ear infections. Unfortunately, dogs can’t really say “hey I’m pretty sure I have an ear infection,” but they will absolutely let you know by biting you on the face if you hurt his ear while snuggling.

So, yeah, all that to say – Caesar wasn’t feeling so hot and he bit my face. It was my fault, but it sucked nevertheless. I got a tetanus shot and ten days of antibiotics, but no stitches.

This brings us to the next stage. No infection, no stitches, how the hell do I deal with this sizable and really, quite deep scar right in the middle of my face?

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The Boyfriend Gift Guide: Part II

Last week I shared with you guys Part I of my very first “The Boyfriend Gift Guide” – gift suggestions for all the men in our lives. Part I focused mostly on grooming/shaving and electronics/tech. Part II covers a broader range of fitness, fashion, and foodie faves! Now get going, there’s only two weeks ’til Chrismukkah!


Ab mat – Maybe an odd choice for the holidays, but these things are surprisingly expensive…because they will completely change your approach to sit-ups from this point forward. I’m mentioning these as a gift since they rarely go on sale, and anybody who is serious about their fitness game will love it. For those that followed me back when I was still actively writing SlowCarbSnacktime (it might be coming back to live shortly), you’ll know that The Boyfriend is also my lifting coach and anything that pushes you to be better that you can do together is a win in my book. You can find the AbMat mat ($29.95) on Amazon, but Rogue Fitness make one too.

Fitness Tracker/Watch – One of the coolest fitness trackers out there (in my opinion), the Garmin Forerunner 235 (on sale for $269.99) is an excellent choice for the runner, crossfitter, powerlifter, or all around fitness junkie in your life. The heart rate monitor is highly rated, it has GPS, tracks the weather, and can send you message notifications from your phone (optional). The Boyfriend loves his and I’ve got a pretty strong hunch there’s a matching one for me under the Chrismukkah tree this year. Available in black/gray, black/marsala, and black/frost with an easy-to-change wristband.


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The Boyfriend Gift Guide: Part I

It’s finally that time of year when the holidays have gone from creeping into everyone’s minds to being shoved right in our faces which for me just means that my holiday shopping is already done. I’m definitely the kind of person who does all their shopping from the couch between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and then doesn’t think about it again until it’s time to wrap everything up. This year Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve and goes through New Year’s Day, so naturally our tree is up, the menorah is out, and I’m all ready for a weeklong celebration of my three favorite holidays.

Now that I’m done with my humble brag, I know that far too many of my friends wait until they’re nearly out of time to do their holiday gift shopping and then run around the mall covered in stress sweat trying to find the perfect last-minute gifts that don’t look last-minute. No more! This year I’ve put together a gift guide for the men in our lives – romantic, familial, or platonic, there’s something here for everyone at every price range.

Disclaimer: There is probably not something here for everyone. I am a beauty blogger after all.


Harry’s Razors – A super affordable, high quality shaving kit is a great gift for just about anybody capable of growing facial hair. The $15 Truman set from Harry’s comes with a razor + cover, three razor cartridges, and a bottle of their sulfate- and gluten-free shave gel or shave cream. The Boyfriend and I each have our own sets so this is a totally legitimate gift for the ladies on your list too. Refill cartridges are extra affordable and the brand now offers a subscription service on their website. Also available in the slightly upgraded Winston set for $30. Find at harrys.com or Target.

Harry’s Truman Set

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My Bite Beauty Lip Lab Experience

I was lucky enough to spend almost two weeks back on the east coast with family and friends this summer and part of that trip landed me in New York for a few days. As some of you may know, the Bite Beauty Lip Lab is in SoHo so of course I had to go check it out and make my very own custom lipstick!

Bite is probably my favorite brand for bullet-style lipsticks so the opportunity to take that amazing formula and create a custom color just for me was far too exciting to pass up. I scheduled my appointment online well in advance, but I do believe they take some same day appointments. Still, if you know you want to go, just schedule in advance to be sure you can get a spot!

I walked in to this tiny little alley-style shop absolutely filled with lipstick making ingredients and signed in. I was only waiting for a few minutes before it was my turn to have a seat at one of the booths and get started on my personal creation.


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