Top Five: February Favorites

It’s been quite a while since I posted a Top Five Favorites list, but I’ve acquired a lot of goodies over the last few months and a few of them have completely stolen my contoured heart. Here are my top five favorites for the month of February!

Sugarpill CosmeticsPoison Plum eyeshadow ($12/0.12oz) – This was my first ever purchase from Sugarpill and now I want to try damn near everything! The single eyeshadow is massive (3x the size of a MAC Pro pan), and one of the best purples I have ever had the extreme pleasure of working with. It’s a gorgeous deep matte shade with a bit of hidden sparkle to it and has become a major player in my go-to look lately.

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Brand Highlight: ColourPop


The first launch from start-up brand incubator SEED Beauty, ColourPop Cosmetics is an LA-based, cruelty-free cosmetics company. Their current product line consists of their “Lippie Stix” lipsticks with corresponding “Lippie Pencils” as well as Super Shock Shadow eyeshadows and new Super Shock Cheek blushes and highlighters. I’ve got a few of each so keep reading for some swatches and reviews from this unique brand. (Prepare for lots of photos).

Since I have more lip products than anything else, let’s start with their Lippie Stix and coordinating pencils, $5 each.


I have to say, when they first arrived in the mail, I was immediately impressed by these lippie stix. The sleek packaging is unique and attractive, and makes these must-have shades super portable. The lids click into place so they’ll be safe in your purse/car/wherever, and nothing bad can ever come from an entire line of lipsticks with coordinating lip liners. That is not to say that all of the lip liners are identical to their lippie stix counterpart – rather, they were designed to complement and enhance each other (how cool is that?)

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