Makeup is Cool: A Cheesy Story

This is super cheesy and I didn’t really feel like I could share it with anyone directly, so it’s going here… I guess that’s what blogs are for. It’s about makeup.

Growing up, I was never particularly skinny or fat or pretty or ugly, I got picked on a lot for… I don’t really know. Being too average in the looks department I guess. I certainly wasn’t one of “those girls”. You know what I mean, flawless in the sixth grade with tan legs and perfect skin and eventually perfect makeup too, seemingly without a care in the world. I spent my whole life being jealous of girls like that, be it in magazines or in the hallways, in my yearbooks and in movies. I was never going to look like one of them – effortlessly flawless, clear skin glowing with confidence, and definitely looking like they have their shit together. That just isn’t me. Or at least, it wasn’t.

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Top Five: March Favorites

Another month, another top five! As the weather gets warmer, I’m slowly moving towards more playful looks and lighter products so here’s my top five favorite products for March!


Tarte “Lights Camera Lashes” mascara ($10) – For the last year or so, Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara has been my main man, but oh goodness, I think this stunning mascara from Tarte may have knocked Benefit out of first place. Aside from the fact that this one is actually easy to remove, the Tarte mascara is lengthening and volumizing without looking clumpy and makes my lashes look full and bushy in the absolute best way possible. Bonus: Tarte sells a half-size deluxe sample for half the price, which is one of my favorite budget beauty money savers. Mascara expires quickly so I always try to buy mini or deluxe sample sizes to save some money and waste less product.

Tarte Blush in Mirage – I hate to do this to you guys and talk about an LE product, but I can’t help it. This beautiful peachy pink blush was part of the “Pigment of Imagination” deluxe cheek set and is no longer available, but damn do I love this thing. It’s not a super unique color and there are plenty of dupes out there, but I am so in love with the stunning quality of Tarte blushes. Their blushes are super buildable but easy to sheer out too, so I reach for this for everything from “no makeup” looks to fancy occasions.


Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter ($18) – I got this highlighting pencil in one of my ipsy bags, and I reach for it constantly. I use it in place of a liquid concealer to highlight around my brows and also in my waterline to help open up my eyes a bit more. For ladies that wear glasses, defined brows are a must or they can get lost behind the frames, and for glasses with thick frames or lenses that make your eyes look smaller, a bright white or nude in the waterline does wonders for making your eyes look big and bright.

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Pure Hollywood ($20, Macy’s) – This Macy’s exclusive is the perfect cool-toned peachy nude and I love the ABH liquid lipstick formula. It’s less drying than some others, but still lasts for hours. You can read more about ABH liquid lipsticks and some of my other favorites in my liquid lipstick product highlight post.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Singles ($5.99) – I love my Makeup Geek shadows, I love the price and the quality and that I can just toss them in a z-palette. There’s about 17 in my z-palette now, but I’ve been particularly drawn to two shades lately – Barcelona Beach, a matte medium sand that is absolutely perfect for filling in my brows and Cosmopolitan, a shimmery rose gold that makes for a killer inner corner highlight and smudged on the lower lash line.

Makeup Geek shadows in a large Z-Palette
Makeup Geek shadows in a large Z-Palette

Spring Favorites + Peachy MOTD


I’ll have to get into the full story at a later date, but long story short: if you love makeup and wear glasses, share your pics on any social media platform and tag them with #FOUREYEDMUA. You can also follow the @FourEyedMUA account on Twitter (that’s me). Let’s work together to build a better community for makeup-loving bespectacled beauties!


I posted my first “spring makeup look” of the season earlier today and had several people ask me for a blog post, and I suppose I should give the people what they want! So here’s a little run down of today’s look and my current spring favorites.

There are a few basic items that are on every “essentials” list I will ever put together as they are my “HG” (Holy Grail) products: Too Faced Hangover RX primer, MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot, MAC Pro Longwear concealer, and tinted brow gel – right now I’m using Benefit Gimme Brow in medium/deep. You can see these as well as the rest of my face prep routine here.

Now that the sun is shining and a fresh face feels a little nicer, I’ve switched up a few steps in my routine for a lighter, more natural look.

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